_brando 2023 presented as the brand’s first integral collection





Luxury, stylish and showstopping
are only some of the words used to describe this designer furniture collection, created with special attention to detail and quality materials. The collection was presented in Zagreb, Croatia, and needless to say it caused quite a commotion.
A combination of black leather and effect-gray velvet proved to be ideal for accenting all the design features. We intended to create a designer furniture masterpiece and we fully succeeded with _brando2023 furniture set, consisting of 3 Seater Sofa, 2 Seater Sofa, a Chaise, a large and small Ottoman, Ottoman with a table extension, a large and small Coffe Table.
All the furniture pieces in the collection
feature the leather and velvet combined with a compact board, accented by American Walnut details on table tops and extensions. Leaving a strong luxury feeling, the collection is intended to be bold and with character. The design of the collection is encircled with furniture legs coated in deep black made out from single-piece steel, which makes them extremely perseverant.
We can surely be content with the reactions on the comfort and general image of the collection as the prospective buyers lined up to order Manotto_brando furniture collection pieces for their homes. Our mission to create the experience and not a piece of regular furniture was completed and we are looking forward to seeing what bold color combinations will our clients choose for their bespoke pieces.
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